Punwa Studio

Punwa Pre-Wedding Photo Studio

Punwa Studio Photo Studio With an exterior design that resembles a castle,
giving knowledge as if it were a princess and a prince in a fairy tale.

Originally, Punwa used to be an old factory and later reworked as a pre-wedding venue.

By merging with love and being fascinated with vintage charm until becoming Punwa Studio.

ฉากสตู 4 ห้อง-7

Zone 1

Castle & Knights

Punwa Studio is divided into 4 zones, with a unique identity that can be seen from the first step of visiting the studio: the castle is towering with a welcoming knight in front of the entrance.

Zone 2

Artist Hall & Gothic Walkway

The back of the castle will consist of various scenes A variety of styles With the concept that intended for this hall to be like a mixed art work By choosing to design each scene is unique. Unique design, but controlling mood & tone to be harmonious.

The side of the Gothic Walkway is a point of sight to Simulated Church Zone Giving a perfect European touch For the highlights here Many couples are impressed with the magnificence of the replica church. Who came to be the background to add charm to the pre-wedding figure, as the mantra for the newlyweds to become princes and princesses as fairy tales.

Zone 3

Thai Style Balcony

For the newlyweds who want to be Thai, Punwa studio has prepared a Thai terrace zone in a classic retro atmosphere. To experience the charm of yesterday.

Zone 4

Colonial House Cafe

In addition, in the same area, there is also a ten-wah café, Colonial House-style cafe, serving food and drinks. The café zone is another point. Which the bride and groom can use as a location for photography.

Rental fee for promotion during the promotion period From now until December 31, 2021.

Full Day

  • Fee for the location of pre-wedding photography
  • Still images and animations

6,000 THB

Half Day

  • Fee for the location of pre-wedding photography
  • Still images and animations
  • Can be used for 5 hours

4,000 THB